Free VPN with USA IP

We believe in this internet world, the information should be free to retrieve, and also be free to access, no boundary, always unlimited. That's why our USA based Free PPTP VPN exists - to help thousands of people around the world, to get whatever they need, in a very secure and private way.

L2TP VPN Server:
L2TP Secret Key:
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VPN Password: freevpn

After VPN connected, visit to verify your new USA based IP Address.

We provide USA VPN server based Personal Free VPN Service which encrypts all internet packets and tunnels online web surfing data through our premium quality Free VPN networks. It changes users visibility to the internet world and protects your online identity and privacy. Feel free to secure your internet access by using this Free US IP VPN service!

Features of USIPVPN.COM Service

  • Encrypts and compresses all web browsing traffic, 100% to secure your internet activities and enhance safety;
  • Hiding online tracks from internet sniffing & web filtering system like Websense, now nothing can block your web freedom;
  • Bypasses local ISP¬ís traffic shaping and websites blocking, watch USA most popular Videos and Social Networks without limits;
  • Your real internet IP is hidden when using our VPN service, just like you are physically located in the USA;
  • 10Mbit/s dedicated high-speed internet connection from premium US data center for each VPN session, up to 200Gbps total bandwidth to the world, always fast, always online, always reliable. Just configure the PPTP clients, you are ready to go;
  • Get better performance with VPN access that bandwidth and efficiency of the network can be generally increased by using USIPVPN.COM connection because our backbone connection connects to the whole world internet;
  • Working with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Apple Mac OSX 12.x, Ubuntu, Latest iPhone and iPad, Android Tablets and Phones.